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Check out our most commonly asked questions and answers. If you have any others please be in touch.

We work around the clock to find cheap flight deals everyday. When we find something that is too good to pass we post it and alert our users over email.

We have systems and experience in place to find amazing deals around the world and we also cover more locations and cities in North America than anyone else. We are also usually very quick at finding them and alerting our users in order for you to act quickly and book a deal before others. Another key differentiating factor is that we are very transparent and have a full platform for you to see the deals on your own terms, not in hundreds of newsletters.

It really depends on your location and how many great deals there are. I would say you can expect to see over 70 deals per month on the site and the ones that will be emailed are for departure cities you've chosen. We always encourage our users to choose as many cities as possible because sometimes flying to that city will still be significantly cheaper than flights you find on competitor sites.

You should check our site regularly for deals. Unlike some other travel sites out there, we are totally transparent with our deals and don't just send daily newsletters. Check deals from any city at any time all on our site. We will also send instant newsletters to departure cities of your choice as a premium user.

For free accounts we offer a fraction of the deals at the end of the week (By then some deals may be sold out) and we will have four deals per week that are viewable to free users.

Currently we are not offering a trial. We do offer a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee.

Are you someone that likes to travel? Are you on a budget or simply want to save money (who doesn't)? Are you located in Canada or the US?  These are just some questions to ask yourself. For less than a latte per month you could save hundreds on your next vacation!

For less than a Starbucks Latte per month you could join the group of individuals that save an average of 47% per flight. Some of these deals are too amazing to ever miss out on for just a couple bucks.

Of course not. We only send you what you sign up for, good deals in cities of your choice. As simple as that, we think that spam is for jerks and jerks we are not.

It really depends. Timing varies with each deal but most deals that you will find on our site will usually be months in the future.

Absolutely! Although the majority of the deals will be for international travel where the highest potential for savings exists.

The majority will be for economy fares but once in a while we run into business class fares and will certainly post them if we feel it is a great deal.

Unfortunately we don't offer personalized flight consultations. I would recommend you play around with your desired dates and locations on Google Flights to find the average cost for a flight and go from there.

Check out the last email we sent you and click the "Update your departure cities " link at the bottom.

We are working on it... But if you do end up referring someone shoot us an email (hello@ambitioustravel.com), we will find a way to compensate you 🙂

First off make sure we are not going to spam, if we are please look at the next question. Second, you may have chosen one or two cities that are not as active as others, for example NYC and LAX are very active and we suggest that you choose as many cities near you because making the trip to that city could save you hundreds of dollars on your next trip. Just have a look at our site and see which cities keep getting great deals.

Sometimes emails end up in the spam folder or in Gmail's "Promotions" tab. Please check there and then email us if you're still not receiving them.

Yes, we do not hold on to any payment information. Our payments are processed by Stripe or PayPal.

Yes, for now shoot as an email at hello@ambitioustravel.com and we will sadly take care of it.

Email us at support@ambitioustravel.com