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San Fran to Costa Rica – $332 USD RT Incl. Tax


San Francisco to San Jose, Costa Rica for $332 USD Roundtrip Incl. Tax


Confirmed Dates:

16th-24th Apr
16th-25th Apr
16th-26th Apr
17th-24th Apr
17th-25th Apr
17th-26th Apr
18th-25th Apr
21st Apr – 2nd May
21st Apr – 3rd May
22nd Apr – 2nd May
22nd Apr – 3rd May
23rd Apr – 3rd May
24th Apr – 1st May
24th Apr – 2nd May
24th Apr – 3rd May
28th Apr – 10th May
29th Apr – 7th May
29th Apr – 8th May
29th Apr – 9th May
29th Apr – 10th May
30th Apr – 8th May
30th Apr – 9th May
30th Apr – 10th May

Other Availability:

Available through April to May 2018

$332 USD Tax Included

American Airlines


How To Book

  1. Click the Button Below
  2. Go to Priceline
  3. Search for San Francisco (SFO) to San Jose, Costa Rica (SJD)
  4. Find Applicable Dates
  5. Book the Trip
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